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Pay and Play Securely with Vouchers Using Neosurf

Neosurf casinos australiaAn alternative to online casino payments that have been about giving away your banking details and credit card information to every website you use. With Neosurf, which has become the fastest growing online payment method in Australia, you can simply use pre-paid vouchers and use them for your payment. Isn’t that ultra-simple and secure? You don’t have to now share any of your confidential information with who knows how many sites and businesses? You can, alternatively, just use this one service everywhere.

Neosurf has become an important online payment method even at the casinos. You can make secure deposits instantly without revealing your credit card info or any electronic wallet with the casino. That also helps more people try various games and make small deposits easily.

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How did This Innovative Service Emerge?

The current methods that either ask you to provide the credit card information directly or use electronic wallets have still security concerns. With Neosurf, you don’t have to do all that. The electronic eWallets also go to the banking site for verification. Neosurf allows you to buy pre-paid passes.

Established in 2004, this is a French-made business. This prepaid voucher business has now become one of the most reliable means of payment worldwide. It is regulated under the electronic money regulations act by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom. This adds a means of assurance in the payment method. The whole business model is different. You can get 10 prepaid vouchers of $10 each and pay two of them for an ice-cream that costs you $20. It is that simple.

As of today, these Neosurf Vouchers are available in Australia, Switzerland, Belgium, Andorra, Italy, Spain, and France, of course.

What Type of Prepaid Vouchers You can Use?

So, here we talk a bit more about their business model in detail. And, once you have read through it you can understand how simple and safe it is, practically eliminating all OTP and all that stuff every time you make a transaction. This cuts the cord and makes money transfer as easy as paying with cash.

  • The first thing is that you have to buy some vouchers. Now, you may be thinking that these require going to their online site and registering, but no.
  • This is where Neosurf differs from the rest. You can go to various outlets in your city like supermarkets, groceries, gas stations and many more and simply buy them with whatever money you have.
  • These are like coupons and you can buy them in $10, $15, $20, $50 and $100.
  • Each of these coupons or vouchers has a unique 10-digit number at their back that is revealed after scratching. You shall be using this pin and making a payment wherever you need to use them.

Isn’t that great? It is like those old times where you lose a coupon; you lose $10 and not your entire bank account details. It is therefore safe, reliable and secure.

What Benefits do These Neosurf Vouchers Offer to You?

This is a good question to ask and if just the above statements are still unclear to some. Here are some of the main advantages as a summary of all we talked till now.

  • You, as users, do not have to go online, create an account or disclose your financial details with a third-party like your eWallet company.
  • You can simply buy a Neosurf card, and instantly make a purchase online.
  • When you do that, the amount is instantly sent to your merchant’s account, and the same is deducted from your voucher.
  • You can keep using the same voucher till there is money in it; they are not one-time use cards.
  • You can set your preferences as to how much money you want to use.
  • You can check the balance in your Neosurf cards online too.
  • And, all these you get without paying anything to Neosurf or deducting any fee for their services.

That being said, it is affordable and charges small fees for premium users. You can use that if you like too.

How Can You Use These Neosurf Vouchers at Online Casinos?

The main benefit of Neosurf cards is that it can be used online and with casinos. Normally, this would be difficult to think of, but they have made it possible. Below is a small guide that you can follow to ensure you are doing it right.

  • First thing is to find out that the casino you’ve chosen accepts Neosurf Cards. You can’t use them obviously otherwise.
  • You need to get cards of the worth you think you will need beforehand because this cannot be topped up on the go like your credit card or eWallet.
  • Once you have created an account at an online casino, they often send you a verification link to your email address.
  • When you are making a deposit at the casino, go to accounts and from under the payment section, scroll and find Neosurf as your “payment option”.
  • Next, you will enter the amount you want to deposit or pay, followed by the unique 10-digit pin on the card after you’ve scratched it.
  • This will be instantly credited to their account and you are good to go.

In order to make them more popular, some casinos are also providing this as a promotion. Neosurf Payment methods can enjoy some bonus, so check out for them too.

Also, note that Neosurf is a payment method using prepaid vouchers. It is not a credit card that you can receive money from. The whole idea is to remove the need of your bank and any details whatsoever.


Neosurf offers two types of cards too. They vary with the denomination.

  • Classic Neosurf Prepaid Cards come in $15, $30, $50, and $100.
  • Minor Neosurf Prepaid Cards come in $10 and $20.

You can use the later for your kids for some online payment if they need to.

What Other Benefits and Services do Neosurf Offer to its Customers?

Like we said above, Neosurf cards can be just used for paying using the vouchers. If you want to use some form of card to add funds directly to your vouchers, you can use their credit card like service called NeoCash Prepaid Master Card. It has a PIN and works like any other card too. This card in return can be funded using any bank wire transfer or from your credit card.

Now, if you are thinking that these cards can only be purchased offline that is not it. For those lazy people out there, there is a service called My Neosurf Card. This allows you to purchase these prepaid cards online from their website as well. However, here you have to provide personal details, unlike your grocery store purchases.

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