Who are we?

The Best Casino Australia team comprises of industry experts, experienced gamblers and former casino software developers. Usually, review teams only have players within their ranks. And don’t get us wrong, the player’s perspective is what Aussie casino reviews are all about. But sometimes, you need that extra juice if you want to get all the facts right. That’s where our expertise comes in. 

A part of our team spent a combined 30+ years at various software providers and casino operators. This gives us insight into how things work at the back end. Therefore, we can see if something’s wrong from a mile away. Instead of having to waste time manually testing everything, our experts can focus their energy on the most glaring red flags. 

For instance, one of the experts worked for an iGaming regulator. If we see something that seems amiss, they’ll pull their strings and do the digging to see what’s up. Likewise, team members with development experience will go deeper into new casino games. And so on. Everyone brings something to the table, which always gives us topics for deliberation. Even comparisons are fun, as everyone brings a different opinion to the table. 

Why should you trust us? 

That’s a good question, we must say. There are hundreds if not thousands of review sites for Australian online casinos. What makes us unique can be boiled down to several reasons. 

We do 360-degree tests

Most of the time, you’ll find that reviews revolve around superficial stuff. Sure, it’s important to assess the looks, but players sometimes want to know how things work behind the scenes. That’s why our team also tests the back end part of the operation, assessing how secure, stable and efficient it is. 

No bias

Have you ever seen average casinos being touted as perfect? That’s because casino reviews can’t restrain their own biases and don’t have a pre-determined set of parameters. No matter how much we like some casinos personally, that gets left at the doorstep of the office. Every site you see in our rankings gets tested the same way, with Aussie players and their preferences in mind. Again, you might disagree with this, and that’s okay. 

Player/correspondent input

Believe it or not, the reviews you see aren’t just the work of Best Casino Australia. For every site we’re grading, we look to contact regular players and talk to our correspondents who have experience with that operator. In addition, our team also looks through player review sites and forums just to get a glimpse of public opinion. 

Industry experience

As we said, our team includes people who worked in all corners of the iGaming industry. This lets us know what to look for and what to focus on. As a result, you’ll see that Best Casino Australia reviews include valuable information. There’s no fluff, plagiarism or anything that’s obvious to the observer. 

Aussie-born team

And last but certainly not least, we all know Australian casinos and are aware of what the average players like. Therefore, we find it a pleasure to help out fellow Aussies find the right casinos and the best bonuses. After all, we take our duties seriously. This also includes the fact that we follow current trends, including legislative changes. 

Do we play casino games? 

Of course, we do. Most review teams would be insulted if you questioned their methods, but we welcome the scepticism. And it’s perfectly reasonable to think so. By reading the average Aussie casino reviews online, you’ll get the notion that these people haven’t even created an account. Their sentences and conclusions are vapid and don’t include any details or things experienced by regular players. 

Well, Best Casino Australia wants to avoid these cliches. Every testing phase involves using the site. Of course, the casinos don’t know the purpose of our activities. That’s why we keep everything conspicuous and low-key. Only once we’ve experienced every nook and cranny will we start writing a review. 

And finally, we’ll revisit the games, play the new ones and edit the reviews accordingly. Casinos change all the time, and we want Aussies to know about the current best ones. 

Do we accept payments in exchange for positive reviews? 

No, we don’t and we never will. All our reviews are an assessment made by our experts with respect to the current state of the casino during our review process. So, what we see, we assess and present in our reviews. This means we don’t care if the site was good before and what promises or announcements for the future they have. 

However, it’s important to mention that we’re an affiliate site. In simple terms, we get a small commission when you sign up for a casino from our page. We have this relationship with all presented casinos and have gone through an extensive screening process with each site. 

The Best Casino Australia Casino Testing Methodology 

To fully understand (and perhaps appreciate) our reviews, you should familiarize yourself with our methodology. If you think the steps look too simple, it’s because they are. We won’t reveal our full ‘formula’ for finding the best online casino in Australia. Instead, we’ll give you a glimpse into the pillars of every Best Casino Australia review. 

Creating an Account

To begin the testing process, we create a player account using real information. This step allows us to evaluate the registration process, including identity verification and the time it takes to set up an account. In fact, we’d say this is the most sensitive part of the process. 

Most of these things are invisible before you take the risk yourself. In fact, even some player reviews won’t reveal this fully. People have become conditioned to annoying processes, so they don’t even mention this as a flaw. 

Depositing Funds

We test the deposit process by adding funds to our account using various payment methods. This helps us assess the ease of depositing, transaction fees, and if exchanging cryptos or other fiat currencies for AUD is fair. 

If the site accepts funds instantly, this is a big plus. If they delay everything from the get-go, it’s an obvious drop in our rankings, if they were even there in the first place. 

Testing the Game Selection

We play a range of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer options. But before we sit down and start spinning reels and wheels, we take a looking the collection of providers. Our experts aren’t just on the lookout for big names. We want to see a good influx of modern providers. 

In addition, we check for the presence of progressive jackpots and exclusive titles. If it’s an hourly or weekly jackpot, we track the drop times, the drops’ validity and other related details. 

Evaluating Bonuses and Promotions

This is a particularly important part of our reviews. Before we click Accept and start spending the money or the free spins, we read the terms and conditions. Using our library of documents, we try to determine whether the terms are fair or convoluted. Additionally, we look for red flags and restrictive measures. 

If the bonus is fair, we recommend it to our readers. But no matter how lucrative the amount of money is, we blacklist the casino if we experience anything unpleasant. This includes hidden costs, shady practices, etc. 

Assessing Mobile Compatibility

Another big part of all our reviews is the Best Casino Australia team running all the tests on mobile devices. As you know, gambling on the go is a big part of everyone’s routine. That’s why we want to see how the site looks on iOS and Android devices, as well as tablets.

Apps are the most desired form of software, but we also run tests on mobile websites. Of course, having an app yields extra points. Nevertheless, we don’t mind seeing a browser version that checks all the essential boxes. 

Testing the Withdrawal Process

Once we go through the whole lobby and see what’s going on, we assess our balance and begin requesting withdrawals. Instead of focusing on just one payment method, our experts test them all. This part of the test also includes marking down withdrawal limits and comparing them to the best Australian casinos. 

Around this time, we also inquire about the clearing process and whether it’s automated or not. Once we receive our payments, we check if the full amount has arrived and if there aren’t any other issues. 

Customer Support Evaluation

Aside from grading the availability of customer support at Aussie casinos, we look at the entire scope. First and foremost, we talk to the site’s agents through all possible means. If there’s live chat available, we test response times, if there are multiple departments and if the person is real or a bot. The questions our team asks involve some dumb ones, while others are more technical. This lets us know how the agents handle different challenges. 

Then we do the same for email and phone support if they exist. Afterwards, we take a look at the Help/FAQ section and compare it to our list of prepared questions. If most of them are covered, that means you most likely won’t have to contact support. Sites that accomplish this score extra points in the accessibility department, too. 

Security and Privacy Assessment

Safety’s first, right? That word can mean a lot of things in the iGaming industry, but Best Casino Australia cares about the player first and foremost. Our testing methodology, therefore, involves analysing each site’s Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. We want to know how your data is handled, why you must provide and whether you can request a total data wipe after account deletion. 

In addition, we verify the site’s source code, SSL encryption, and any licenses, audit certificates and other relevant documentation. Of course, we also do a significant amount of digging into the brand’s reputation. If there are any unresolved complaints or serious accusations, we take a closer look. 

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