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Fastest Payout Casino for Australians 2020 – Instant Withdrawal Possible!

If speed of withdrawals is a key factor for you when it comes to choosing an online casino, in this article you’ll find out what is the fastest payout casino for Australians in 2020 and are there any casinos that offer instant withdrawals.

We have been testing the withdrawal times thoroughly and therefore already have an answer on which casino processes withdrawals the fastest. In this article you’ll also find information about which payment method is the fastest! You might be in for a surprise on that one.

In this article you’ll learn two ways to achieve instant or almost instant withdrawals. But to start, we first have to choose the fastest withdrawal casino in Australia. Our strategy wouldn’t work if we’d choose a casino that delays withdrawals, wouldn’t it?

#1 Fastest Withdrawal Casino in Australia – Bitstarz

Let’s explain the story behind this brand first. Bitstarz is a recent newcomer to online gambling (2014), which allowed them to take a fresh approach, not weighted by the past and by the existing structure of the company. They seized this opportunity by deciding to do two things better than anyone – customer support and fast withdrawals. Read our Bitstarz review to find out more.

Best Online Casino Australia With Fast Payouts!

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“Here at BitStarz, our goal is to make sure that you’re never left waiting around to claim your winnings, as we make withdrawal speeds a top priority.”, Bitstarz said on its blog. All withdrawals are processed within a timeframe of 1 to 3 days, but cryptocurrency withdrawals are processed within 10 minutes.

Of course, just like with any other casino on the list, this doesn’t include the time it takes to verify your information prior to making the first withdrawal. This is just something you have to do. But, there are no “pending periods” at Bitstarz – which is a trick many casinos use to delay payments and make you reconsider the withdrawal.

No such thing at Bitstarz – this is truly the champion of fast withdrawals for Australians. Even more so if you use cryptocurrency, but even with traditional payment methods your withdrawal will likely be processed faster by Bitstarz than it would be anywhere else.

This is what Bitstarz says in the Terms & Conditions:

3.1.1 While will endeavour to pay out withdrawals immediately, some withdrawals may take longer than others. shall try to pay out withdrawals within 1 hour, however in some cases, withdrawals may take longer; this would clearly be stated when you choose a method of withdrawal.

There is no online casino that processes payments faster than Bitstarz. Sign up here

#1 Fastest Withdrawal Method in Australia – Ethereum

We intentionally didn’t say Bitcoin, because it is actually among the slower cryptocurrencies when it comes to getting the payment processed. At time of writing, Bitcoin miner fee per transaction is around $5 and it takes about 15 minutes for the payment to be cleared. In comparison, Ethereum transactions are almost instantaneous and cost around $0.50.

Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dogecoin – all accepted by Bitstarz – are also excellent options. We chose Ethereum because it’s the most popular cryptocurrency outside Bitcoin, but any of these will do. Bitcoin Cash has no significant speed advantages over Bitcoin, but transactions are cheaper, $0.20 vs $5.

CryptocurrencyProcessing time
Ethereum15 seconds
Dogecoin1 minute
Litecoin2:30 minutes
Bitcoin Cash10 minutes
Bitcoin15 minutes

So, if you want the fastest possible withdrawal times, consider using a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase to convert Bitcoin to Ethereum or to one of the other cryptocurrencies. You’ll lose a bit on the exchange but will get faster – and cheaper – withdrawals. If instant withdrawal is your goal, you need to use Ethereum.

Note: If you’re converting crypto to fiat currency, that step will take some more time. But you’ll still probably have cash in hand faster than with any other traditional payment method.

How to achieve Instant Withdrawal in Australia

To get an instant withdrawal from an online casino in Australia, you most definitely have to play at Bitstarz as they are proud of their fast withdrawals. There are never any delays here or pending times, so Bitstarz is what you need if you want your winnings instantly.

Now, the key part – you need to pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification before you make your first withdrawal. Or, do it while you’re making your first withdrawal, just know that the first one won’t be the fastest in that case. Your second withdrawal (and any other subsequent withdrawal) will be fast, but not that one where you have to submit documents.

Finally, use Ethereum or one of the other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is fine but it takes 15 minutes for the transaction to get processed, while with Ethereum it’s seconds.

To conclude – if you want an instant withdrawal, you’ll be withdrawing Ethereum from Bitstarz and you will have already passed the KYC.

Fastest withdrawal of Australian dollars

If your goal was to convert cryptocurrency to fiat (Australian dollars), or even to withdraw the winnings at an ATM, then it’s possible that a direct withdrawal using the method described below will be even faster than using Ethereum. Transaction itself is instant, it’s just that someone has to approve it, so you can count on your money being with you within the same day.

You will just need to forget about the three main types of payment methods (Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer) and will need to start thinking in terms of e-wallets.

Skrill and Neteller are e-wallets that offer instant free transactions to and from casinos, and you can get a plastic card you can use at ATM or POS to withdraw or spend your money. It does take a bit of preparation – you have to verify your account, you have to verify your address, you have to wait for the plastic card to arrive in mail.

But once you do go through the setup period, you’re in for a treat. You’ll be transfering money to and from Bitstarz quickly – and can immediately put your card in the ATM and withdraw cold hard cash.

Read more about Skrill and Neteller. They’re almost identical in everything (and are owned by the same company), it basically boils down to the choice between a purple card (Skrill) or a green one (Neteller).


If you’re looking for fast withdrawals, don’t look beyond Bitstarz because you’ll be unpleasantly surprised. This is the only casino that takes speed of withdrawals seriously and considers it a badge of honour to pay out winnings almost instantly.

If you’re a person who’s into crypto, then consider Ethereum instead of Bitcoin for maximum efficiency.

If you only want Australian dollars, go through the trouble of setting up a Skrill or Neteller account and wait for your plastic card.

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