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Aiden McMorran
December 29, 2023
flexepin australia

Experienced Aussie players are surely familiar with the possibility of using Flexepin vouchers to deposit at online casinos. It is a convenient banking method that allows casino players to visit a large number of retailers across Australia and purchase a voucher. Of course, they are also available online. 

Due to various advantages, many see Flexepin as an ideal alternative for Paysafecard. If you want a secure method that also allows you to be more in control of your betting, Flexepin answers the challenge. Using a voucher enables anonymity and comes with greater liberty when it comes to top-up values. 

Now, Flexepin is not ideal. One of its greatest drawbacks is the fact that you can’t withdraw with it. But that is the case with prepaid vouchers in general. So, let’s take a closer look at Flexepin and unveil its important aspects. By the end of this article, you’ll know how Flexepin works at AU casinos and whether it is the right payment method for you.

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What Is Flexepin?

Flexepin is a voucher system established and owned by an Australian company called Novatti Group Ltd. It is a banking method based on prepaid vouchers of specific amounts that you can buy and use online for shopping or, in this case, online gambling. 

The company has been around since 2015, gradually growing its influence across the financial world. Of course, we wouldn’t be interested in it if it weren’t such a great way to deposit to AU online casinos.

While Flexepin vouchers can be bought and used globally, Australia is one of the main regions this banking method thrives in. A person can use Flexepin even if they don’t have a bank card, and since it is a prepaid service, their identity is never revealed. 

Some choices need to be made – like the voucher denomination – while buying a Flexepin voucher. Still, it is easy to use and very flexible, considering you can buy it digitally or in one of the POS venues. Rest assured the service is legit, legal, and efficient. After all, Flexepin prepaid vouchers are issued under an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). 

How Does Flexepin Work?

If you’ve ever used any sort of prepaid card before, you’ll have an idea how Flexepin works. The vouchers are sold in many locations, so you just need to decide whether to buy one at a physical store or online. They also have various denominations, ranging from A$20 to A$500.

Once you’ve bought a voucher, make sure you keep the 16-digit code hidden and only known to you. The code will allow you to make purchases online or make deposits at your favourite Australian casino sites. As you can see, Flexepin does not require account registration or verification. Your online gambling persona will remain anonymous and you won’t have to involve any bank account information. 

How To Set Up a Flexepin Account: Step-by-Step Guide

As outlined above, registering an account is not necessary to use Flexepin prepaid cards. Still, there are a few steps you need to take to start using these vouchers to gamble online. Let’s run through them quickly and establish the main checkpoints:

  1. Pick a place/site that sells Flexepin vouchers;
  2. Asses the available amounts and decide which would be fitting for you;
  3. Buy a voucher for cash at a physical store or online using an accepted payment method;
  4. Save the receipt for your voucher with the PIN code;
  5. You’re now ready to use Flexepin for casino deposits.

How To Make Online Casino Transactions with Flexepin

Now that you own a Flexepin prepaid voucher, you can use it for online casino transactions. Let us explain how.

Flexepin Deposits

The first thing you need to do is join a Flexepin Australian casino site. Then, you should navigate to the cashier page. Select the deposit tab and browse available methods. If you can’t see Flexepin listed, try the prepaid cards/vouchers category.

A pop-up window should appear when you click on the Flexepin logo, requiring you to enter the unique voucher code along with the deposit amount. Since the PIN can be used only once, make sure to use the entire amount you have on the voucher. Confirm the transaction and refresh to update your balance. 

Flexepin Withdrawals

Anyone with experience with prepaid cards knows they aren’t suitable for casino withdrawals. It is the same with Flexepin. The system is unable to process withdrawals since the vouchers cannot be loaded with money once they’ve been used. In other words, the funds can only travel one way. As a result, players who use Flexepin to deposit at online casinos must choose an alternative banking option to cash out. Australian players normally pick bank transfer or e-wallet casino withdrawal methods.

Things To Keep in Mind

Although using Flexepin is no trouble, there are some things to be aware of while doing it. Banking always involves terms like “fees” and “limits”, so let’s see how these fit into the Flexepin user experience.  

Transaction Fees

You won’t be subject to any additional charges when purchasing Flexepin vouchers. The company itself doesn’t impose such fees. However, you may encounter fees at specific casinos for using Flexepin to deposit. Furthermore, Flexepin has a policy that includes fees for using vouchers after their “use by date” and for refunds under certain conditions.

To be precise:

  • Flexepin will charge you A$30 for processing a refund more than 14 days after acquiring the voucher;
  • A monthly charge (A$4) will apply to a voucher that hasn’t been used before its “use by date”.

Transaction Times

Since Flexepin makes use of a straightforward prepaid voucher system without intermediaries, casino deposits are lightning-fast. You’ll receive the funds from the voucher nearly instantly. As soon as the PIN code is verified, the voucher balance gets deducted and transferred to your casino account. 

Transaction Limits

If you wish to find out the transaction limits for your casino deposit, you need to consult the casino cashier. As for Flexepin, you will be limited by the value of your voucher. Luckily, there are several options if you’re buying Flexepin prepaid cards in Australia. Available denominations include:

  • A$20
  • A$50
  • A$100
  • A$150
  • A$250
  • A$300
  • A$500

This is their price and they value. Remember to deduct the entire sum when you decide to use one of your voucher’s PIN codes. If you use the PIN and enter a smaller amount, you won’t be able to spend the rest.  

Why Use Flexepin at Online Casinos Australia

Aussie players use Flexepin more and more, and for good reason. Of course, this prepaid casino banking method comes with a few drawbacks. See Flexepin pros and cons below:


  • Ideal for one-time transactions
  • Doesn’t require bank account ownership
  • Can be bought with cash
  • POS and online purchases enabled
  • Protects user anonymity
  • Allows greater control over one’s gambling 
  • “Find Flexepin Near You” feature


  • Voucher denomination limits
  • Can’t handle withdrawals
  • Can’t be acquired by phone


Considering how many Aussie casino players don’t have easy access to banks and debit cards, Flexepin is an excellent alternative. One can top up their casino bankroll with a voucher purchased previously with cash. It’s that simple. Sure, there are also various resellers allowing people to buy Flexepin online using trusted e-wallets or other means of payment. The service is flexible, as one might rightfully deduct from the name itself. 

Casino withdrawals with Flexepin are not possible, but that seems like a fair price to pay for all the benefits the service provides. If you join Flexepin casinos in Australia, you’ll enjoy instant deposits and easy banking. Cashing out your winnings will have to involve another method, but we would never say Flexepin is all sizzle and no steak. On the contrary, we advise all Australian players to deposit with Flexepin and experience its advantages. 

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Can I reverse a Flexepin transaction?

Reversing a transaction after using a Flexepin voucher isn’t possible. The voucher balance gets permanently deducted.

How long is my Flexepin voucher valid for?

Flexepin prepaid vouchers don’t expire. In other words, they are valid for an infinite period from the moment if purchase. However, they have a “use by date” restriction. If you still haven’t exhausted the funds on the voucher after this date, a monthly charge will apply to it.

How many Flexepin top-up vouchers can I buy?

You can hold multiple vouchers, but their sum total can’t go over A$5,000. 

Can I get a refund from Flexepin?

Flexepin will allow you to refund a voucher as long as its PIN code is not used. Additionally, refunds can be requested up to one year after the “use by date”. You should also be aware that Flexepin refunds are subject to fees.

How quickly can I deposit to my casino account with Flexepin?

As a user of Flexepin prepaid vouchers, you’ll enjoy the benefits of instant deposits. There will be no delays, and all voucher funds will become available once the PIN code is confirmed.

Author Aiden McMorran

Aiden McMorran is a renowned expert in the online casino industry, hailing from Australia. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of online gambling, Aiden has established themselves as a leading authority in the field. Having spent several years immersing themselves in the dynamic world of online casinos, Aiden McMorran possesses a comprehensive knowledge of various aspects, including game mechanics, regulations, and player psychology.