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Aiden McMorran
May 16, 2023
jackpot pokies australia

There are two kinds of pokies – those that give you a chance to win a big progressive jackpot and those that do not. It’s obvious we should be playing the games which present us with an opportunity to win big. Let’s have a look at jackpot pokies.

Why play jackpot pokies?

It’s a known fact that progressive jackpots are won by those people who play a certain pokie relentlessly, every evening, as every spin is basically a ticket for winning the progressive jackpot. It can’t be won by simply playing the game for an hour, though stranger things have happened, and usually, the winner is someone who constantly plays jackpot pokies, often the same game.

Jackpot pokies offer the player a chance to get lucky and win a huge jackpot. When you get lucky on a normal pokie you’ll simply get a lot of coins for some five-of-a-kind win, and jackpot pokies take this a step further and offer life-changing wins. The jackpot is populated from all bets so the theoretical payout of the game itself is a bit lower, but that’s more than a fair tradeoff.

Where to play progressive jackpot pokies?

Any online casino that accepts Australian residents will have at least some progressive jackpot pokies, as they’re very popular in Australia and New Zealand. The exact games will differ from casino to casino, and of course, you’ll want to play pokies which offer the biggest jackpots. In almost all cases, it doesn’t matter in which casino you win the jackpot as it’s tied to the game itself, though for some games the jackpot will be individual for every casino. Read a review of the pokie you want to play to find out which is it.

How to play to increase the chance of winning a jackpot?

The strategy is simple – the more spins you make, the larger the chance of winning the jackpot. Most people, therefore, choose to make as many spins as possible, betting the minimum that is allowed to be eligible for the jackpot. And then they play every day, not caring much about losing as this game is all about investing your disposable income towards a chance to win a lot of money.

My personal TOP progressive Jackpots Australia reviewed

Players usually focus on those pokies that have the biggest jackpots as the reward will be the greatest in case of a win, so it’s important to monitor the jackpots of various pokies, as when the jackpot is won it gets reset to a base value. There are many jackpot slots, but only a few can pay millions. There are also jackpot slots which offer seemingly very low jackpots but these games aren’t played by many players, so a persistent player can have a large chance of winning the jackpot since there’s not much competition. Pokies which have jackpots that are the same regardless of the casino where you play are usually a better choice than those with casino-specific jackpots.

Mr. Vegas (Betsoft)

Mr. Vegas is an action-packed and colorful Betsoft slot game from 2010 that has a low theoretical payout, low minimum bet, and it offers a chance to win a small progressive jackpot. The game has three exciting bonus rounds – the usual free spins game, a roulette game, and the Money Wheel where you can win the progressive jackpot.

betsoft mr vegas jackpot pokie

General review
Mr. Vegas is one of those pokies that you’ll play for fun only, as the game isn’t very popular anymore so the progressive jackpot that counts in tens of thousands is rarely won these days, and the game itself has a low theoretical payout of 93.60% so Mr. Vegas is rarely someone’s first choice. The game is still very much fun, however, and has excellent graphics in unmistakable Betsoft style, so everyone should play this pokie at last once. It uses a 5×3 board with 30 selectable paylines.

There are three bonus games in Mr. Vegas and that’s the main attraction, and a reason to play this pokie. The free spins game can give a maximum of 12 free spins as you roll the dice to determine the number of spins you’ll get, and then you’ll get to play those spins on a mini three-reel slot machine. The second bonus game is triggered when you land three Mr. Vegas symbols. You’ll leave your reels and enter a room with a roulette table, where you’ll actually get to place three bets on roulette!

The third bonus game is the jackpot wheel, where you can win free spins, bonus round, cash prize or the progressive jackpot. You can only win the jackpot if you’re playing with a maximum bet, which is $150, so if he isn’t millions it doesn’t make sense to go after it. The minimum bet in this game is $0.01 if you’re playing one payline, or $0.30 if you’re playing all thirty.

The paytable consists of ten normal symbols, and the prizes are quite good. You can get from 50 to 500 coins for five-of-a-kind, so the best prize here is around 16x your bet on one payline, which is 500x your bet if you’d get a full board win of the best symbol. Four-of-a-kind prizes are very good as they’re just slightly below the prizes for landing five symbols. The game doesn’t have a Wild symbol, but it does have three different Scatters.

Strategy and Tips
The most obvious strategy for Mr. Vegas is to just play it to have some fun, as the low theoretical RTP and the inability to win the jackpot unless you’re playing with a maximum bet mean you can’t really expect to win serious money on this pokie. The game can still pay well on occasions, but it’s best to just play this fun game with a minimum bet – unless the progressive jackpot is huge. You’ll see the current value of the jackpot when you start the game for real money.

Greedy Goblins (Betsoft)

Greedy Goblins is a 3D pokie gaming machine by Betsoft, released back in 2013, and it’s still a very good game today. The game features three different bonus rounds plus a chance to win the pot – if you’re playing with a max bet. This is one of the best Betsoft slots ever.

greedy goblins

General review
The jackpot can only be won on a maximum bet, which is $150 in this game, so few people will choose to do that since the jackpot value will likely be in tens of thousands and not in millions, so the expected value from betting maximum bet on Greedy Goblins isn’t very high. However, even without the pot, the game doesn’t lose much of its appeal, as the jackpot is won by landing five-of-a-kind of the best symbol in the paytable. The prize is indeed much better if you had a max bet, but is still excellent, 12,500 coins, even if you’re playing with a more conventional amount per spin. You could say this is still a jackpot although the game doesn’t call it so.

The rest of the paytable is decent and it offers prizes up to 1200 coins, plus two symbols that can pay up to 240 coins each. Other than these four high-win symbols that culminate with our hero, the Red Dwarf, there are four more low-win symbols, and four special symbols for a total of twelve symbols that can land on your reels.

Whenever two or more Coins appear on the reels, the Goblins will rush to steal it, and the other symbols will fall down to fill the resulting gap. There is also a Sticky Wild Reels symbol that will give a random number of up to 3 re-spins, with the reel the symbol landed on Wild for the duration of re-spins. If two Wilds trigger the feature, you can get up to 6 re-spins.

Three or more Elfania Scatter symbols trigger the free spins game, and during that feature, some symbols will have up to x10 win multipliers. You’ll get 10, 15 or 25 free spins for three, four or five Scatters, and can win more free spins during the feature. There is also a Bonus Round that’s triggered by two Book of Secrets Scatters on reels 2 and 4, and you’ll pick your prize.

How to win at the Greedy Goblins jackpot pokie
It’s clear that going all-in makes no sense since you have to play $150 per spin to even have a chance, but this is still an incredible pokie gaming machine even if you ignore the jackpot. The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 97.20%, which is excellent, and you got four different bonus rounds that are very fun and rewarding, especially the free spins game with win multipliers and the Sticky Wild Re-spins. Greedy Goblins also has a superb theme that wraps things up, so it’s just a fantastic pokie to play.

Diamond Wild (iSoftBet)

Diamond Wild is a 2013 jackpot pokie gambling machine by iSoftBet that offers many ways to win big, including the progressive jackpots when you bet max and land 5 to 9 Diamond symbols, and even if you don’t bet max you can still win 2500x your bet with those Diamonds! The paytable can pay up to 1000x your bet on a single spin, or 2000x your bet during the free spins when the wins are doubled.

Diamond Wild  by iSoftBet

General Review
Diamond Wild is an interesting and rare combination of two distinct types of slots, as it’s actually a three-reel slot played on a five-reel board. So, you’ll see all the usual three-reel symbols such as Seven, Bar, Cherry and Bell – but you’ll get to play on a 5×3 board with 20 fixed paylines. The minimum bet per spin is €0.20 while the maximum is €200, and with a max bet, you can win the progressive jackpots while with other bet sizes you’ll just win huge cash prizes, up to 2500x your bet.

With a maximum bet, you can win a half a million dollars or greater. Diamond symbols win the jackpots for you, and if you land three you’ll simply get 1x your total bet, for four Diamonds you’ll get 5x your bet, and with five or more Diamonds you’ll start winning the jackpots. The biggest jackpot will be won when you land 9 Diamonds, and you’ll get either 2500x your bet or the cash value shown. Diamonds are more common than you think.

The game uses seven normal symbols plus a Wild and a Scatter, and the prizes are more than good enough as Seven will pay 1000 coins for five-of-a-kind and, perhaps more importantly, 500 coins for four-of-a-kind. Dollar sign pays 500/200, and then the other symbols slowly descend towards smaller prizes, all the way down to 25 coins if you land any five Bar symbols. Wild is a paying symbol and if you land all five you’ll get 2500 coins. You pay 20 coins to spin the reels, so these prizes are really great. If you’d land a full board of Sevens you’d get 20,000 coins or 1000x your bet.

Three Free Games Scatters trigger the free spins game with 8 free spins with all wins doubled, so during the feature, the maximum possible win rises to 2000x your bet, almost the same as the jackpot. That’s the theory but in reality, the free spins will usually not be very rewarding as the win frequency is low and the variance in this game is high. But when you do win big in the free spins, the win will be doubled.

Strategy and Tips to win
The only way to win the big pot is to bet max, but this isn’t very feasible. However, the game still pays very good prizes even when you don’t bet max, and the Diamonds are common enough to bring you these wins more often than you may expect. This is a good high variance pokie gaming machine with a theoretical payout of 95.20%, and you can win big either with those Diamonds or from the paytable alone.

Tycoons Plus (Betsoft)

Tycoons Plus is a fun Betsoft slot with three bonus features plus a chance to win the progressive jackpot, though you can only win it with a max bet. The game is played on a 5×3 board with 30 selectable paylines and you can win up to 12 free spins with a Wild reel!


General Review
Tycoons Plus is the same as the Tycoons slot from 2011, but it’s upgraded with sharper graphics and mobile responsive design. Everything else is the same and it has a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 95.34%.

The progressive win in Tycoons Plus can only be won if you’re playing max bet, which is $150, though in this case you can get away with playing 1 payline only for $5 and it will still be considered a max bet, since you have to land the 5 Suitcase symbols on an active payline anyway. The jackpot itself isn’t too large, maybe several thousand or tens of thousands of dollars, so investing $150 to try to win it isn’t too wise.

The paytable has four tycoons that all pay the same, 5000 coins for five-of-a-kind, which is 167x your total bet if you’re playing all 30 paylines. There are six more symbols in the game and all pay decent prizes, you will always get at least 50 coins, even with the lowest symbol. This isn’t one of those games that bore you with wins smaller than your bet size.

When you land a Free Spins overlay symbol on any winning combination of three or more Tycoon symbols, you’ll trigger the free spins game and will be given 3, 6 or 12 free spins, dependant on the number of symbols that triggered the feature. During the free spins game, all Tycoon wins are doubled, and one of the reels 2, 3 or 4 will be a Wild reel throughout the feature. Interestingly, this is the only time in the game that you’ll get a Wild, since the Wild symbol doesn’t exist in the base game. If you land Gold, Cash and Check symbols in any order on paylines 1, 2 or 3 during the free spins feature, you’ll trigger the Instant Credit Click Me cash bonus.

If you land three or more Poker symbols, you’ll enter the bonus round in which you’ll have to predict which of the four Tycoons will win the poker hand. If your prediction is correct, you win a cash prize.

Winning Pokie Strategy and Tips
Tycoons Plus is a fun to play even if you don’t play it for the big win, though if the jackpot happens to be large enough then you can give it a go. These innovative bonus features and the excellent 3D graphics will keep you occupied for a while, and the paytable is more than generous enough to produce big wins. This is a fun pokie gambling machine that can bring you a mega win from many different directions.

The Slotfather jackpot pokie (Betsoft)

The Slotfather is one of the legendary Betsoft jackpot pokies, and this quality slot has four bonus rounds you can win if you bet max and land five Slotfather symbols on a payline. Win up to 10 free spins with an x3 win multiplier or play an interesting bonus round in which you’re doing some work for the boss!

Slotfather jackpot pokie

General Review
The Slotfather is one of the older Betsoft slots as it was released back in 2009, but it’s still a great entertainment on your mobile today and it has numerous bonus games as well as a progressive jackpot that can be won if you’re betting max. The maximum bet per spin is $150 and the big win would be worth perhaps $25,000 or so, but even if you don’t go for it you’ll still have lots of fun with this pokie.

There are four bonus rounds that can get triggered. If Sneaky Gangster and Suitcase symbols appear next to one another on paylines 1, 2 or 3 you’ll get the Sneaky Instant Win. If you land three Fat Gangster symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll trigger the Underboss Scatter feature which can pay up to 1500 coins. If you land Old Gangster and Tommy Gun together on paylines 1, 2 or 3 you’ll trigger the free spins game with 3 to 10 free spins and a win multiplier up to x3. You’ll determine your number of free spins and the win multiplier by clicking one of seven bullet holes on the screen.

Finally, when you land three or more Slotfather symbols on an active payline you’ll be in charge of placing Slotfather pokies around town, in 3 to 6 businesses. When you choose the locations you’ll be taken back to the Italian restaurant where your work will be reviewed and you’ll get a cash reward. Slotfather is also the symbol that wins you the progressive jackpot, and to win you have to land 5 Slotfather symbols on an active payline while betting max.

The paytable consists of eleven symbols, and the maximum possible prize on a single payline is 1000 coins, but at least four or five other symbols belong in this same range and their prices are good enough. In fact, you probably won’t be disappointed with any symbol in this game except perhaps the Newspaper, the lowest symbol that pays only 200 coins for five-of-a-kind but will give you 100 coins for three-of-a-kind. This pokie has a theoretical payout of 95.69%.

The Slotfather Strategy and Tips
With a large enough budget, you may even play The Slotfather with a max bet as the pokie machine pays well and can give you some huge wins in the base game, in the free spins, or in one of the four bonus features. The chance to win the pot is just a bonus, and it’s not that impossible since the Slotfather symbol is common enough on your reels. You just need five of them on one of 30 active paylines.

Good Girl Bad Girl (Betsoft)

Good Girl Bad Girl is one of the best jackpot pokies for Aussie players by Betsoft that has RTP of 97.79% and offers three gambling modes – the low variance mode, the high variance mode, or the mode in which the game pays both ways and you have access to both Good and Bad features. There’s a progressive jackpot to be won when you trigger the Money Wheel feature!

Good Girl Bad Girl pokie

General Review
Uniquely, it lets you play the Good Mode, the Bad Mode, or both modes at once, which lets you have a lot of control over this slot machine. In the Good Mode the wins pay left to right and the game has lower variance and therefore lower risk, as well as access to Good Features, while the Bad Mode pays right to left and the variance is higher, and you get access to Bad Features. Playing both modes at once gives you a game which pays both ways but you pay double for each spin, and when you trigger a feature you can choose if you want to play the Good or the Bad one.

The game has 15 lines and you can choose any number you wish, from 1 to 15. The minimum coin value is $0.01 so that’s also the minimum bet per spin if you’d choose only one payline, and the minimum bet with 15 paylines is $0.15. If you’re playing both modes, then the minimum bet is $0.30, while the maximum is $150.

Three Money Wheel symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 trigger the Money Wheel Bonus, where you’ll either play for the Good Jackpot or the Bad Jackpot. Prizes on the wheel include instant cash prizes, free spins, and the chance to trigger the progressive jackpots. They may only be won when betting max on any mode.

When you land Pitchfork and Halo symbols side by side on your board, a Click Me bonus feature will get triggered and you’ll choose among four gift boxes that contain small win, medium win, big win and the collect button. Pitchfork and Halo are actually Wild symbols, and Pitchfork can have a win multiplier up to x4 while Halo can only double the wins.

The paytable is decent, as the Good Girl and Bad Girl, the two best symbols in the game, pay 90 coins for four-of-a-kind and 360 coins for five-of-a-kind, which is 12x your bet if you’re playing the double game or 24x your bet if you’re playing either Good or Bad Mode for 15 coins. This slot game has an incredible theoretical return to player (RTP) of 97.79%, so it’s an excellent choice not only for its progressive jackpot but for the quality of the game itself.

Good Girl Bad Girl Strategy and Tips
Good Girl Bad Girl is an excellent jackpot pokie to play even if you don’t care about the jackpot, because the theoretical payout is so good and the game is fun, and if your budget allows it – and the jackpot is large enough – you can also play the max bet and go for the progressive jackpot. In short, this is an excellent pokie to play and is one of the best jackpot slots out there.

The Ghouls (Betsoft)

The Ghouls is a classic slot (playable in mobile casinos too) with a Halloween theme, released by Betsoft in 2011, and it offers two bonus features plus a chance to win the progressive jackpot on a max bet, as well as a high variance paytable with very good prizes.

The Ghouls Betsoft

General Review
The game has 20 selectable paylines on a 5×3 board, and in order to have a chance to win the progressive jackpot pokie you have to play the max bet, which is $100 if you’re playing all paylines. Only that kind of bet will award you a progressive jackpot – and you can see its value above the reels – when you land five Jackpot symbols on a winning payline.

But even if you don’t play the max bet, you’ll have two exciting bonus features to play. Three Bonus symbols on an active payline trigger the Ghouls Second Screen bonus feature, and if you land more than three you’ll get win multipliers. You’ll be presented with six graves and you’ll select one by one until you click the Collect grave.

When you land three, four or five Dracula symbols on any payline you’ll trigger the Scatter Free Spins feature. You’ll get 5, 10 or 20 free spins for three, four or five Draculas. There’s nothing extra about those free spins, they’re just spins that are free, no multipliers or anything.

The paytable is very decent, and the Jackpot symbol is the best-paying one in the game even if you don’t play the max bet, as it awards 1000 coins on a 20 coin bet for five-of-a-kind, while two more symbols award more than 500 coins, Mummy and Frankenstein. Witch and Wolf pay around 300 coins and there are only three low-win symbols in this paytable.

Since the paytable is so rewarding, with a possibility to win 50x your bet if you play all paylines, this is a high variance game, and the theoretical payout (RTP) is rather low at 94.80%. That makes this game not the best of choices for either a jackpot pokie or a pokie in general, and your decision about playing it or not will likely depend on the current size of the progressive jackpot.

Strategy and Tips
While it’s difficult to recommend The Ghouls to every pokie player out there, those who prefer high variance games, classic slots, in particular, might enjoy this retro game after all. The paytable is good enough so it makes sense to try to provoke your luck by throwing in several max bet spins and see what happens. The game doesn’t pay very often at all, so if you’re playing with a max bet make sure you can afford at least several dozen spins.

Treasure Room (Betsoft)

Treasure Room is another example of progressive jackpot pokies released by Betsoft in 2012, and due to retro graphics, the slot game looks much older. It has two bonus rounds but no free spins game and the progressive jackpot is won when you land five of the best-paying symbol on an active payline on a max bet.

General Review
Treasure Room is played on a standard 5×3 board, and the 20 paylines are selectable so you can play any number you want between 1 and 20. The lower number of paylines will mean a higher variance. You can win the progressive jackpot even when you play 1 payline only, but it has to be a max bet in any case, which is $100 if you’d play all paylines, or $5 per payline. To win the jackpot – displayed above your reels – you have to land five Jackpot symbols on a winning payline.

There are two more bonus features in the Treasure Room, but there’s no free spins game. Both bonus features award coin wins. When you land three or more Scatters you’ll trigger the Second Screen Bonus Feature which will present you with three doors which contain three precious stones. If you triggered the game with more than three Scatters you’ll get multiplied winnings.

When you land three, four or five Sword symbols on an active payline you’ll unlock the Sword and Shield Instant Bonus Feature. You’ll choose from the Swords and Shields on the screen to get an instant prize from 125 to 20,000 coins. Choose wisely, as you only get one pick.

The paytable is decent, as the Jackpot symbol will award 1000 coins for five-of-a-kind even if you didn’t play the max bet, which is a very decent prize. The remaining seven symbols in the paytable take a natural progression – or regression – from 500 to 400, 300, 200, 100, 50 and 25 coins respectively for a five-of-a-kind win. There is also a Wild symbol that substitutes for all normal symbols. This is a medium variance paytable which basically only has one or two symbols that can produce big prizes, while most symbol wins will only give you your stake back or a fraction of it. The game pays rather often though.

Strategy and Tips
The game has theoretical return to player (RTP) between 94.10% and 94.90%, which is a bit too low for this game to be taken seriously, especially since the paytable doesn’t offer many symbols that can produce big wins. This is a hit or miss kind of pokie, which you’ll play with a max bet in hope of landing a jackpot, or if you’re not playing a max bet you’ll still be hoping for those 5 Jackpot symbols and a 1000 coin prize

Neon Reels (iSoftBet)

Neon Reels is an innovative jackpot 3D pokie by iSoftBet, released in 2015. The game offers a low variance paytable in which almost all the symbols pay the same, win multipliers up to x8 during the free spins game, and a progressive jackpot that can be won on a max bet!

General Review
The game is actually played on a standard 5×3 board though it doesn’t seem that way at first glance, as you see a 3D barrel with five separate reels. There are 25 paylines and they are selectable so you can choose any number you wish, thereby directly affecting the variance of this slot game. Bet per spin can range between $0.25 and $250 for full 25 paylines, or $0.01 to $10 for one payline.

The paytable only offers prizes of up to 150 coins, or 6x your bet if you’re betting 25 coins, and the lowest card symbols pay 100 coins for five-of-a-kind, so this is an extremely low variance paytable as all the prizes are almost exactly the same. Regardless of the symbol, you land, you’ll always get 100, 125 or 150 coins for five-of-a-kind, and there’s higher variance for four-of-a-kind wins as they range from 20 to 50 coins. There are five high-win symbols, two medium-win symbols, and four low-win symbols.

Whenever you land two Diamond symbols on the first reel, you’ll get 2 Diamond Re-spins during which Wilds, Diamond symbols and the entire first reel are held. This is a nice opportunity to win some money, but the best bonus feature is still the free spins game. You’ll trigger it when you land three or more Scatters, and you’ll get 10 free spins. During the feature, Wilds will be multipliers, and one Wild will double the win, two will quadruple it, and so on. This is basically the only chance to make something of that low variance paytable. With an x8 win multiplier, the maximum prize on a single payline in this game is 1200 coins, or 48x your bet if you’re betting 25 coins.

Five Jackpot symbols on a winning payline pay the progressive jackpot, but only if you played a maximum bet per spin. You can see the value of the progressive jackpot above your reels, and can then decide if it’s worth it to play max bet to try to win the jackpot.

Strategy and Tips
This pokie has theoretical return to player (RTP) of 95.40%, so it’s not a very loose game to begin with, and the good thing about this game is that it has low variance. The game pays often enough and all the symbols are worth almost the same, so it’s an enjoyable pokie to play, though the only chance to win anything above the base level is to get a big win multiplier during the free spins game. And, of course, there’s the chance to win the progressive jackpot pokies if you’re playing with a max bet.

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