How to Deposit in AUD Casinos

Aiden McMorran
April 20, 2023
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There are several ways an online casino happy to service Australian residents can show they are welcome to register and play. One of them is to accept payments made in AUD and another to offer deposit options favored by players from Down Under, such as Visa and MasterCard, Neosurf and increasingly popular Bitcoin.

How to Choose the Perfect Deposit Method

It’s not possible to recommend a single deposit option that will suit every single player out there. Speed of payment is obviously high on everybody’s priority list but there are other things to take into consideration. If you value convenience and have a habit of paying for your online purchases with a credit card, Visa or MasterCard may be the best option even if eWallets enable faster withdrawals.

If you find the concept of cryptocurrencies baffling, it may be better to opt for widely excepted Skrill or Neteller. Neosurf might be the right choice for those wishing to pay with cash and thus avoid sharing any personal information with either the payment service provider or the casino. Basically, it all comes down to what you personally believe is most important – speed, convenience, anonymity, price, or the ability to use the same tool for both deposits and withdrawals.

Before making a decision, check the casino’s banking terms, and if they happen to be unclear, contact the operator’s customer support team. Be sure to check:

  1. Availability of a particular deposit option for Australian residents
  2. Availability of the same payment method for withdrawals as well as deposits
  3. Attached minimum and maximum limits
  4. Deposit and cash-out fees
  5. The length of the withdrawal processing period

The latter might not be relevant for choosing a deposit method but could influence your decision on where to play. Nowadays one can find gaming sites that execute super-fast payouts and will review and approve a cash-out in a matter of hours, as well as those eager to keep your money hostage for days. Eventually, the reason you’re making a deposit is to (hopefully) generate a profit, and if you’re lucky enough to win, you will want to be paid as promptly as possible.

Visa and MasterCard

No matter which gaming site you land on, you’re almost sure to find Visa and MasterCard among supported payment methods. Players like them for several reasons. To start with, most of us own at least one of these cards so there’s no need to register with a new payment service provider and memorize additional passwords or PINs. Since we frequently use one or the other for online payments, we’re already fully familiar with the process. There’s no need to worry about safety as both companies implement multiple security measures to prevent unauthorized use and continuously keep upgrading their safety tools and procedures.

Both cards are normally available for funding the player’s casino account though MasterCard depositors occasionally have to choose another option when about to cash out. Keep that in mind and double-check before you make an MC payment. To make a deposit, one has to head to the cashier and select the card among displayed options. They will then be prompted to enter their name and card details, namely the 16-digit number displayed at the front, expiration date and a 3-digit CVC code which can be found on the back of the card. The last thing to do is decide on the amount to be transferred and confirm the payment. Funds become available in a matter of seconds and the player can immediately put it to good use. The withdrawal process is almost identical: enter the amount you wish to collect and provide the same card details as above. The money will appear in your bank account 2-5 business days after the operator has processed your payout request.

You’ll find that online casinos usually attach higher limits to MC and Visa deposits and withdrawals than to alternative options. Most of the time payments will be free of charge as far as the casino operator is concerned, but there are gaming sites which impose deposit and/or cash-out fees. Withdrawals are executed much faster than when using Bank Transfer but not as fast as eWallets allow. However, when money does land in your bank account, it’s easy to find an ATM machine and promptly collect it.


Neosurf is a pre-paid voucher which makes online payments as safe as if paying with cash. Vouchers can be purchased in supermarkets, gas stations, news-stands, internet cafes, and many other convenient locations. To find the nearest one, access the provider’s web page, choose Australia from a drop-down list and enter your address. Once there, you’ll be able to pay for Neosurf voucher with cash and receive a receipt with a 10-character voucher code. The latter is the only thing you’ll need to pay online. Customers can spend only part of the amount available on the card and are able to transfer the remaining balance to another Neosurf voucher up to a maximum of $250.

Prepaid cards are generally one of the safest ways to pay via the internet. Users don’t need to provide any personal information when purchasing them nor while executing transactions. Buying Neosurf vouchers with cash guarantees complete anonymity as well as safety. What makes this option convenient is that it’s not necessary to sign up with a third party provider. Neosurf is also a good choice for players who wish to maintain a maximum degree of control over their spending; once the available funds have been used up, gameplay can continue only after they go out and purchase another voucher.

To make a deposit at an online casino, select Neosurf as your preferred payment option, enter the amount and the 10-digit code from the receipt and confirm the payment. Cash will appear in your casino account in full; most operators won’t charge any fees. The downside is that an alternative option will have to be chosen to cash out consequent winnings, as well as the fact that online casinos tend to impose low limits on prepaid card deposits. However, the same company also features a service called myNeosurf which is basically an eWallet alternative. It has to be funded via a credit card, Neosurf voucher or Bank Transfer before you can use it, but the upside is that myNeosurf can also receive withdrawals.


Some Aussie players may stop reading at this point and we don’t blame them; if not familiar with how cryptocurrencies function, the prospect of having to use one can be truly intimidating. But the alternative to fiat currencies such as AUD, EUR, and USD has so many advantages that you may still want to consider making a Bitcoin deposit.

Bitcoin transactions are super-fast, much so than even the speediest eWallets. Not only deposit instantly but so are withdrawals (yes, you can use it for both). Online casino operators love cryptocurrencies as they are among the cheapest options available. They will frequently motivate players to use them by treating Bitcoin depositors to higher welcome bonuses and additional special deals. Digital currencies use complex cryptographic protocols so that no matter how skilled hackers tend to be these days, they’ll sooner try to hack payments executed any other way. The only downside worth mentioning is the process one needs to go through prior to making the first Bitcoin payment. It consists of opening a Bitcoin Wallet and filling it via Bitcoin Exchange. Once that’s done, you can choose Bitcoin as a deposit method and will receive an address which needs to be copied and then pasted into your Bitcoin wallet.


Skrill and Neteller are as widely accepted as credit cards mentioned above, and owing to the simplicity of use and speed, they are an increasingly popular alternative to Visa and MasterCard deposits. PayPal is slowly building its presence in the online gaming world but operators frequently limit its availability to certain markets. MuchBetter is a new competitor which has, due to low fees and a user-friendly mobile app used for executing monetary transactions, already managed to enter a large number of top gaming sites.

Each of these requires additional action on the player’s part – either registering for the service or downloading an app, but once that’s done, they are dead simple to use. Casino operators frequently support eWallets as both a deposit and a withdrawal option and money is transferred faster than with any other tool except for cryptocurrencies. Encryption technology combined with the two-step authentication process and continuous account monitoring makes eWallet payments very safe. A word of warning, though; online casino operators tend to penalize Skrill and Neteller depositors by withholding their welcome package, so make sure to read the small print attached to welcome bonuses prior to making the first deposit.

If you opt for popular Skrill or Neteller, you’ll have to sign up via the provider’s website and fund your eWallet via one of the supported payment methods – such as other eWallets, a pre-paid card, Bitcoin and Bank Transfer. Only then can you use them to pay money into your casino account. You’ll be asked to enter your email and the amount to be transferred, log into your Skrill or Neteller account and confirm the payment.

Deposit via Bank Transfer

Good old Bank Transfer is an option you can find pretty much everywhere and it comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Since funds are moved directly from one bank to another, no additional accounts have to be opened and no new passwords needn’t be memorized. Lack of intermediaries, along with tight security measures applied by banks, makes transactions super-safe. At the same time, it takes time to transfer money back and forth. Funds will appear in your casino account only once the bank confirms the payment and it will take at least 5 business days before approved payout land in your hands. This is usually also the most expensive option of them all; you’ll certainly need to pay bank fees and frequently also those charged by the casino operator. What’s more, minimum deposit limits tend to be very high.

If you still fancy using Bank Transfer to fund your casino account, access the cashier and select it as a deposit method. You’ll then either be able to choose your bank from those listed or will need to copy details of the casino’s bank account. Either way, the next step is to log in to your online banking and complete the transfer.

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