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How to Win on Online Roulette

Online RouletteAlbert Einstein has allegedly said: „No one can win at roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn’t looking“. Is that really the case? Is the house guaranteed to win unless you cheat? Fact is non-live casino games use Random Number Generators to make outcomes unpredictable and no one, including the casino, can influence the result. At the same time, odds are against you and have to be in order for operators to generate profits and stay in business. It’s still possible for players to win and, though the outcome is first and foremost a matter of luck (or lack of), there are things online roulette fans can do to improve their chances.

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Basic Online Roulette Rules

When playing roulette online or in a land-based venue, your destiny is determined by a ball bouncing around a spinning wheel. The wheel features 36 numbered slots colored either red or black and one or two green pockets marked with 0 and 00. Unless you’ve never ever seen a roulette game, you’ll know that the European variant plays with a single-zero wheel while its American cousin uses one with an additional double-zero slot. The first is far more popular due to a house edge of only 2.70% though there are players (mainly those from the US) still opting for American Roulette with an edge of 5.26%.

The mechanism of the game is simple enough: the dealer spins the wheel in one direction and then spins the ball in the other. Once the ball settles in one of the slots, players are getting paid or watch as their chips disappear in the operator’s pocket. There are multiple ways to win with different kinds of bets. One can wager on an individual number (Straight Up bet), 3 numbers in a row (Street bet), 4 adjoining numbers (Corner bet) and 6 numbers in two rows of 3 (Line bet). All of these are known as Inside bets. Then you’ve got Outside bets, namely Red/Black, Odd/Even, Low/ High (numbers 1-18 and 19-36), Column (betting on one of the three columns, each consisting of 12 numbers) and Dozens (1-12, 13-24 and 25-36). You’re free to bet on any or all of the above but have to make sure that potential payouts justify the investment.

The European wheel has 37 possible outcomes (numbers 1-36 plus 0) and American 38, which means the odds of the ball landing on any specific number is 1 in 37 with the first and 1 in 38 with the second. If it does land on the number you have wagered on, you’ll be paid 35:1 no matter which game variant you’re playing. Both wheels have 18 red slots and 18 black ones but also one or two green pockets. Therefore, the odds of the ball landing on red (or black) are 18 in 37 (48.6%) or 18 in 38 (47.4%) rather than 50:50, even though the casino pays even money for winning Red/Black bets. There are two things to remember: payouts do not reflect true odds, and covering more numbers with a single bet increases your winning chances but decreases payouts.

French Roulette is another game variant which uses the same wheel as European but implements one rule beneficial for the player. Should you bet on Red or Black and the ball drops in the pocket marked zero, you´ll get half of your stake back rather than lose it all.

roulette table

How to Play Roulette Online

Blackjack and poker may require the player to make multiple decisions during a single round, but when playing online roulette the only two things one needs to do is choose what to bet on and decide how much to invest. Inside bets will pay less frequently but can win you much bigger amounts, providing your budget lasts long enough. Outside bets deliver modestly but more often. You should go with the latter if your primary goal is to have fun rather than earn tons of money.

In order to win, you need to increase your odds – it’s simple as that. One easy way to do this is by choosing European over American game variant. Remember, the latter has a house edge of 5.26% while the first has an edge of only 2.70%. If you choose to play French Roulette, you can further benefit when placing even money bets.

What you don’t want to do is implement „popular“ systems such as Martingale and Fibonacci. They may seem like a sure thing at first but can easily end up costing you a lot of money. One of the main problems with progressions strategies is that the player will eventually reach the maximum table limit and will not be able to further increase their bets to (potentially) cover previous losses. Some advocate betting on numbers that haven’t won for a long time (so-called „sleeping numbers“) but seem to forget that a Random Number Generator makes it equally possible for the ball to land in any of 37 or 38 pockets. Because of RNG, there’s simply no way to predict the outcome of the next round.

Things are a bit different when playing a live dealer game. In Live Roulette, odds are influenced by laws of physics rather than an RNG and two wheels spun by two different dealers may deliver different patterns. You’d need time to discover what they are and even then wouldn’t be able to get it right every time, but you don’t need to; even a slight accuracy can give you an edge. Having said that, you should know that modern wheels produced by the likes of Cammegh are very precise and any potential bias is therefore as good as insignificant vs the house advantage.

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bitstarz Casino
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Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Always choose European over American Roulette. The odds are against you either way but you’ll want the house advantage to be as low as possible.
  2. Look for roulette games using La Partage and En Prison rules. Thanks to La Partage, 50% of even-money bets on Red/Black or Odd/Even will be returned if the ball lands on zero. En Prison rule is a variation of La Partage, with even money bets „imprisoned“ and returned only if the next spin results in a win.
  3. Choose games or tables with limits fitting your budget and then bet amounts which will allow you to wager on more than a few spins even if they all prove to be losers.
  4. Choose bet types that fit your goals. If you wish to enjoy the game for a longer period of time, keep placing small or moderate stakes on Outside bets. If you’re a risk taker looking to score a big win quickly, bet on individual numbers or place Street, Corner or Line bets.
  5. Don’t fall for promises of „a sure win“. There are no infallible strategies proven to work over short or medium term, be it systems such as Martingale, D’Alembert or Fibonacci, or betting on sleeping numbers or hot ones.
  6. The existence of winning and losing streaks is a myth so make sure not to base your decisions accordingly. You can use free-play option to test this claim and you’ll soon find out it’s true.

Best Online Casinos

Prior to 2016, there was a pretty big choice of top-notch online venues featuring roulette games and happy to let Aussies play them with real cash. But the government, alarmed by the highest gambling rate worldwide and eager to protect the country’s residents, came up with the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill which made it illegal for operators to do so without a license issued by the Australian regulatory bodies. Consequently, more than a few popular online casinos no longer allow Australian players to register and make real money deposits, but that doesn’t mean there’s no place for roulette enthusiasts to place a bet or two nor does it mean that they need to settle for dodgy and risky gaming sites. There is still a number of trustworthy, Australian-friendly casinos properly licensed in another jurisdiction and we’re happy to recommend a few of the best ones.

BitStarz is a multi-provider site operating with a Curacao license since 2014. Browsing through the Casino’s large gaming catalogue, you’ll find multiple European and American RNG game variants with generous limits of 0.50-1,000 AUD provided by BGaming and Belatra Games. One can alternatively join a table at which a live dealer does the spinning. BitStarz Live Casino features 30 roulette games powered by Evolution Gaming and about a dozen provided by Authentic Gaming. Table limits range between 0.10 and 10,000 AUD. If you’re not a member yet, consider registering and claiming a welcome package with up to 10,000 AUD in bonuses and 180 free spins. Freebies become available once you start funding your account with AUD or one of the accepted cryptocurrencies.
Curacao-licensed PlayAmo was launched a couple of years later but it already managed to build a massive portfolio consisting of almost 2,000 RNG and live dealer games. Roulette fans can play European, French and American RNG variants supplied by BetSoft, Belatra, BGaming and iSoftBet and wager between 0.2 and 500 AUD. Further options can be found at PlayAmo Live Casino stocked with products from Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming and Ezugi. There are 38 tables to pick from with limits of 0.10-10,000 AUD. PlayAmo will wish you a warm welcome with a bonus worth up to 1,500 AUD.
Joe Fortune was created the same year with a specific goal to serve Australian players. The Casino features a portfolio built with the help of Rival, RTG, iSoftBet, Spinomenal and Revolver Gaming. Players can wager 1-500 AUD per round if playing European or American Roulette against the computer or try their luck with the same games in Joe’s Live Casino powered by Visionary iGaming. Your first deposit will be matched dollar for dollar up to 1,000 AUD if paying with a credit card and up to 1,500 AUD if depositing via Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Joe will allow Aussies to pay in their own currency and thus avoid having to deal with exchange fees. He has also provided a toll-free phone for members in need of assistance.

Online Roulette FAQ

Online casinos offer numerous advantages over their brick-and-mortar counterparts. They’re open 24/7, accessible from the comfort of your home, and almost always provide an option to play for free. The latter allows you to test different bets without risking real money and identify those that fit your style and goals the best. When playing via the internet, one can find roulette games with very low bet limits as well as interesting variants unavailable at physical casinos.
Live roulette games use physical tables and wheels spun by live croupiers. Both the equipment and the dealer are located in the developer’s studio or a land-based casino, with games broadcasted in real time. Live roulette doesn’t use a Random Number Generator but odds remain the same. More often than not, you’ll need to fund your online casino account before being able to play a live game, but the experience will be far more realistic than when betting on an RNG game.
The house edge is the expected casino profit expressed as a percentage of your original bet. If, for example, the player wagers 1 AUD on Red, their chance of winning 1 AUD is 18 in 38 and chance of losing 20 in 38. The expected player profit is thus 18/38-20/38 which equals -2/38 or -5.26%. The latter is house edge on American Roulette. If playing the European variant, your odds of winning would be 18 in 37 and those of losing 19 in 37. In this case, your expected profit is 18/37-19/37 which equals -1/37 or -2.70%. And remember, while house edge differs, payouts are exactly the same.
Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages. The probability of winning on an individual number is 1 in 37 (or 1 in 38 if playing American Roulette), much smaller than if betting on Red/Black, Even/Odd, Columns or Dozens. At the same time, a Straight Up bet wins 35:1 while even money wagers pay only the amount equalling your original wager. The choice really depends on what you’re after: a longer gaming session or a quick win.
Neither Red nor Black is more likely to occur because of what happened during the last 5, 10 or 100 spins. Online roulette, same as other non-live casino games, uses a Random Number Generator which makes each and every outcome arbitrary and completely independent from the previous one. That’s why 5 consecutive Red outcomes don’t increase the probability that in the following round the ball lands in a red pocket. You also shouldn’t assume that, after so many Reds, Black is now due. The truth is, no one knows.
The Martingale strategy is supposed to help you win long-term if placing even money bets such as Red/Black, Even/Odd and High/Low. It basically says that the player should double their bet after each loss and decrease it back to the minimum after winning. The goal is to score a win which will compensate for all previous losses and generate a profit on top. Your betting sequence could look like this: bet 1 AUD (lose) – bet 2 AUD (lose) – bet 4 AUD (lose) – bet 8 AUD (win) – bet 1 AUD, and so on, resulting in a total loss of 7 AUD and a total win of 8 AUD. The problem is, by increasing your stakes in such an aggressive manner you could either spend all of your money prior to a win or hit table limit and be unable to double the wager once more.
This particular system, also valid for even money bets, is based on the Fibonacci sequence consisting of numbers that are, except for the first two, the sum of the two previous ones. This is what it looks like: 1,1, 2, 3,5,8, 13, 21, 34, and so on. The Fibonacci system advises the player to use this sequence and go one step forward after a loss and two steps backwards following a win. The betting sequence could be as follows: bet 1 AUD (lose) – bet 1 AUD (lose) – bet 2 AUD (lose) – bet 3 AUD (win) – bet 1 AUD (lose) – bet 2 AUD (lose) – bet 3 AUD (lose) – bet 5 AUD (win) – bet 2 AUD (win) – bet 1 AUD (win), which would overall result in 10 AUD lost and 11 AUD won. The difference to Martingale is that this system aims to recover losses with several smaller wins rather than a single big one, but both systems feature the same flaw and neither can change the odds.

Best Online Casino Australia With Fast Payouts!

bitstarz Casino
Up to AU$10,000
Plus 200 Free Spins
Bitstarz Casino Rating
2200+ games available (100 live tables)
10 min. average payout time
24/7 friendly and experienced support

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