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Mega Moolah – Australians can’t possibly win the jackpot!

Mega Moolah is the most popular progressive jackpot pokie in the world, and it regularly makes the news with huge jackpots that sometimes exceed 10 million! A quick Google search will reveal dozens of sites recommending that you play Mega Moolah.

However, even if you find an online casino that lets you play Mega Moolah, the jackpot can’t be triggered and it’s therefore impossible to win the jackpot as an Australian citizen. The last jackpot won by an Australian citizen dates from August 2017 – a lucky bloke won $5m – and in all likelihood, it was the last one won down under.

You might be better off just visiting Bitstarz and finding a nice game to play, rather than chasing Mega Moolah millions you, unfortunately, aren’t eligible to win.

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Aussies can’t play Mega Moolah, at least not to win the jackpot. In other words, even if you’d make thousands of spins, there’s no way that this would contribute to the chances to win the jackpot because it simply won’t be triggered. Or, worse, if you do manage to find some loophole and play to trigger the jackpot game – you wouldn’t get the money because you’re ineligible if you’re an Australian citizen.

New Zealand is a different story, in case you wondered. Kiwis can play Mega Moolah with no issues. So can UK residents.

How to play Mega Moolah from Australia?

Although we definitely can’t advise this, you could have a friend or a family member who’s eligible to play simply spin the reels in your stead. The reason why we can’t advise this is that all hell will break loose if you do win the millions. Who won them, the family member or you? How do you split it?

Mega Moolah alternative

Make no mistake about this – you can NOT win the Mega Moolah jackpot as an Australian resident. No matter what someone else might say. Ok?

Same goes for other Microgaming progressive jackpot slots such as Major Millions and King Cash-a-lot. Forget about these. Playtech is also a company that runs away from all but the most regulated of markets, so their pokies Beach Life, Funky Fruits and Gladiator are also out of the question. NetEnt? Forget about it.

What you want to focus on are progressive slots by other developers, so we prepared a detailed review of Australian progressive jackpot pokies.

Are jackpot pokies worth playing?

The jackpot winners will tell you it’s so worth it, and everyone else will have different theories.

But to find the answer we have to dig a bit deeper, as actually the answer depends on which exact pokie are you playing. For every single one of them, we can open a case and then finally react a verdict – but it would be impossible to give a blanket answer.

For example, Mega Moolah is definitely worth playing as it’s a provably fair game with jackpots that reach 10 millions or more, the winners do get paid out, and the jackpot is won regularly. Most NetEnt progressive slots are also worth playing.

What you don’t want is a progressive jackpot slot that has a jackpot that can only be won when playing the maximum bet, as that’s a really expensive lottery ticket.

Mega Moolah basic information

Mega Moolah is a pokie released by Microgaming way back in 2006, so it belongs in the first generation of online slots. The innovative idea of an online progressive jackpot caught on immediately, and still shows no signs of stopping as no other game managed to reach these jackpot values.

In 2012, a mobile version was released. To keep the game interesting for long-time players, new versions of the game were introduced, such as Mega Moolah Isis that has an Ancient Egypt theme.

Mega Moolah is a 243 ways to win game played on a standard 5×3 board, though pretty much no one cares about the game itself. The purpose of the game is to simply give you back enough money so you can play even more spins and increase your chances to trigger the jackpot game.

How to win Mega Moolah jackpot

This is how Mega Moolah is played – you deposit a certain amount, say $100, and that’s enough for a hundred $1 spins. But since the game is paying back, you’ll probably end up making a lot more spins, at least 300 (if very unlucky). That’s 300 tickets to win the jackpot.

The larger the bet size, the higher the chance of triggering the jackpot wheel game (pictured on the left). However, there’s no precise info on this so we don’t know if the max bet doubles the chance or perhaps just increases it a bit, or if playing with a minimum bet is a viable strategy at all.

When the jackpot game is triggered, it can award one of four jackpots – Mega, Major, Minor or Mini. Many people are inevitably left disappointed when they do trigger the jackpot game but don’t win millions, but that’s just how the game is set up. A jackpot game doesn’t guarantee a Mega jackpot win. You need to be lucky twice in order to win it.

Mega Moolah jackpot winners

So far, there have been four winners from Australia (highlighted below), and four winners from New Zealand. The count of Australian winners isn’t likely to increase anytime soon, as the prerequisite for that would be a change of the recently tightened online gambling laws.

Amount Currency Date
R4,308,741.01 ZAR 15/11/2007 13:45
$5,556,753.68 USD 18/04/2008 15:03
€6,374,599.92 EUR 09/05/2009 18:03
€1,171,776.64 EUR 03/07/2009 23:25
$1,242,561.85 USD 05/10/2009 19:34
€2,547,086.98 EUR 29/11/2010 08:49
R2,512,992.33 ZAR 15/06/2011 22:40
€3,841,871.46 EUR 11/10/2011 19:14
$1,528,304.16 USD 11/03/2012 19:36
€1,391,166.54 EUR 28/04/2012 16:03
$1,070,272.30 USD 25/05/2012 15:42
£5,883,044.00 GBP 09/12/2012 22:46
€3,036,433.21 EUR 03/05/2013 09:42
$1,062,335.94 NZD 10/05/2013 05:42
£3,744,513.08 GBP 06/09/2013 16:43
$1,665,580.61 AUD 16/12/2013 11:13
$1,668,788.26 USD 17/01/2014 14:00
$2,318,814.93 USD 13/02/2014 19:04
$4,259,669.78 CAD 12/06/2014 14:17
€2,384,388.87 EUR 18/06/2014 20:42
$1,013,801.05 CAD 24/06/2014 16:24
$3,841,924.88 CAD 09/11/2014 07:42
$7,562,019.94 CAD 09/04/2015 19:48
£13,213,838.68 GBP 06/10/2015 23:08
$10,144,395.82 NZD 17/06/2016 13:35
$11,610,536.59 CAD 28/08/2016 20:27
$11,633,898.44 CAD 05/11/2016 20:47
$5,634,326.71 AUD 15/11/2016 23:44
$8,453,754.28 CAD 16/01/2017 12:29
$9,572,948.34 CAD 14/03/2017 23:34
€8,012,153.35 EUR 25/04/2017 17:09
€3,722,530.12 EUR 22/05/2017 13:11
$1,000,350.40 CAD 22/05/2017 18:26
$1,599,752.60 NZD 19/06/2017 18:28
$1,000,727.50 AUD 19/06/2017 17:14
€1,821,567.23 EUR 06/07/2017 14:04
$5,131,819.30 AUD 14/08/2017 18:56
€7,742,015.53 EUR 25/09/2017 21:18
£1,448,116.31 GBP 01/10/2017 02:13
$1,413,537.73 CAD 15/11/2017 05:05
€4,278,677.94 EUR 18/12/2017 08:56
$3,688,145.24 CAD 14/01/2018 04:00
$7,453,168.03 CAD 27/02/2018 20:00
€4,365,843.63 EUR 08/03/2018 00:30
$5,691,921.42 USD 19/04/2018 20:43
£1,778,226.80 GBP 20/04/2018 21:30
$8,332,554.01 NZD 24/06/2018 18:10
€18,910,668.01 EUR 28/09/2018 17:00
$20,059,287.27 CAD 30/01/2019 17:30
$12,945,668.34 USD 05/03/2019 06:30
$3,308,063.71 CAD 06/03/2019 20:30
$8,162,217.05 CAD 04/05/2019 00:30
£5,543,986.99 GBP 24/05/2019 01:30
£3,033,563.60 GBP 17/06/2019 17:30
$5,954,437.97 CAD 10/08/2019 21:30
$4,746,748.54 CAD 05/09/2019 04:00
$4,443,185.39 CAD 30/09/2019 22:00
£3,558,858.68 GBP 16/10/2019 09:30
£2,771,102.29 GBP 08/11/2019 21:00
$4,966,561.64 NZD 30/12/2019 02:00


Since Mega Moolah jackpot can no longer be won from Australia, and you’re denied access to other Microgaming pokies as well, the field has really thinned.

You’re down to progressive pokies of questionable quality, and for most players it would perhaps make more sense to simply go play the normal non-jackpot slots that pay well, in online casinos that give you a nice welcome bonus.

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