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How to Win on the Pokies Every Time

Yep, not joking, almost every time. You will need a certain amount of experience with online pokies in order to be able to win consistently. So this is not for everyone. But this article is a good starting point on your journey to become a profitable pokie player. There are years of experience in these words. Read on.

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Now that you have your bonus in your pocket, let’s talk about the actual pokie strategy that works. Each advice on this list will shift the odds in your favour just a bit, and in the end it is you who’ll have the edge over the casino and the game you’re playing. By the way, you’ll find more bitcoin bonuses here.

Simple trick for winning (almost) every time

This is actually a no-brainer. At the moment when you’re ahead, walk away.

This is a simple yet so often overlooked trick (because it’s so simple) that is actually your number one weapon against the casino. So many people choose to reinvest their profit as they think they’re “gambling with casino’s money anyway”, but in reality this is a golden opportunity to stand up, cash out and walk away. It applies to every single casino game, land-based or online.

If you’d elaborate this strategy a bit, you’d likely come up with some sort of a goal. For example, if you deposited 1000 AUD your goal might be to make 200 AUD. When you do, stop playing, take the money and run.

Sometimes you’ll just enter a bad run early on and won’t be able to make it back to positive numbers. If you find yourself too deep, walk away and start playing a different pokie.

In either case, there must be a win limit and a loss limit. The win limit solves the matter of knowing when exactly to stand up and cash out. This is – believe us – the #1 best thing you can do when gambling. Set a win limit and leave when you reach it. Can you do that? Try, at the very least.

Check the numbers

The vast majority of online pokies have at least a theoretical return to player (RTP) value that’s out there for all to see, and perhaps info on variance or/and win frequency. You also have the paytable right there with coin wins and all, you know the number of paylines (sometimes they’re variable, sometimes pay both ways) and you know how much do you have to bet per spin. If the pokie has a progressive jackpot or some other jackpots, add that as well. Also check the bonus rounds in demo play to see are they worth the wait.

By looking at all this, especially the RTP, the paytable, the number of paylines and the bonus rounds, you can come up with a decent conclusion on whether the slot game is good or not.

Ideally, you want to play a slot game with RTP over 96.00%, and 97.00% or above would be excellent. You want your slot game to have higher variance, which means that it has to be able to pay big wins. You don’t want to play a game that gives you small wins all the time. Also, you want a game in which triggering the bonus round is equivalent to winning a jackpot.

This is your #2 tip. It takes a certain degree of effort to learn what a good slot game is. But you can’t get it by not playing – so go ahead, pick one of the best online casinos in Australia and start playing for real money!

Play when you feel good

Like we said in one of our other articles, there is such a thing as a good time to play pokies. In short, you’ll play when you feel good. For a more elaborate answer, check out that article.

Play for free first

Unless you know the game and are eager to play right away, it might make sense to play the pokie in demo mode first to see what’s it all about, how does it behave, does it pay or not.

Your experience during demo play may or may not be indicative of what you’ll get in some later playing session, demo or for real money, but you’ll most likely be able to see if it’s a low-variance or a high-variance slot game and what is the win frequency.

It will take some experience to be able to detect a good slot game by playing 400-500 spins in demo mode. You can only gain that experience by playing lots of pokies – and by playing for real money. Demo play is harmless and you won’t gain any experience from that.

Don’t play progressive jackpot slots

This may go against the advice you see everywhere, but playing progressive jackpot slots is a special category that doesn’t have anything to do with the usual pleasures of playing pokies. These are two different worlds.

Let us explain. Progressive jackpot pokies take a share of each bet and put it in the jackpot pool. This is usually 1%, and you’ll never get that 1% back unless you win the progressive jackpot. Also, players who go for progressive jackpots don’t care about the game at all, and couldn’t care less if it’s a good game or not. Often – it’s not.

If you’re playing progressive jackpot slots, play them the way they’re meant to be played. Spin at least a couple of hundred spins every day and don’t expect anything in return.

If you want to win on slots, you have to play a game with high RTP (and none of it should be taken away by some jackpot pool), and the game has to be a good one. This is rarely the case with jackpot pokies.

Don’t go crazy with betting strategies

It may be tempting to use some sort of a betting strategy such as martingale, reverse martingale, fibonacci or anything else that varies your bet in hope that the longer the losing streak is, the greater your chances of landing a win.

This will, most likely, simply make you bankrupt much sooner. Why? Because you need to consistently be right when you increase the bet size (you need to land a win) to make this strategy a good one. Hate to break it to you, but it won’t work that way. More often than not you’ll find yourself losing a spin on a really large bet.

It’s usually the best to just pick a bet size you’re comfortable with, and it should be enough for some 200 spins at least, maybe up to 500. And then let the game play itself out without interference from your end. It’s highly unlikely you’ll win on that particular spin on which you decided to double your bet.

Play pokies that involve decisions

There are certain pokies that aren’t just random machines but you as a player may influence your luck by either making a decision or playing some sort of a skill bonus round. This may be something simple such as choosing which reel to hold, or it can get more complex.

Don’t confuse this with pick-a-prize bonus rounds in which you do actually get to make a decision but the outcome is random.

It’s really rare to see a pokie that lets you make actual decisions that affect gameplay, but be on the lookout for them and you’ll find them.

Join the VIP club

You can play your pokies and simply win or lose, or you can have your bets build up your VIP status. That will get you various perks, bonuses and surprises. Choose a good casino that has a rewarding VIP club. This alone should improve your profitability by a few per cent.

Claim reload bonuses

Claim reload bonuses at your current casino, or join a new casino and claim the welcome bonus there. In any case, you must always be swimming around like a shark and eating those bonuses in order to maintain the profitability of your game.


Most of the advice on this page may seem very simple, perhaps you’d be inclined to dismiss them as some random tips that don’t make a difference. But they do – a player who follows the advice written here will inevitabily have greater success than a player who doesn’t.

Let’s make a quick check.

A player uses a variable betting strategy, and when he’s won some money he keeps playing because it’s “casino’s money” anyway. He doesn’t test the game before playing for real money but just picks a shiny object he likes and starts poking the spin button. Plays progressive jackpot slots but doesn’t really dedicate himself to them. Doesn’t claim bonuses.

Now that’s sounds awful lot like a very good customer for the casino, doesn’t it?

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